IDRiM 2023

The South Asia region forms an emblematic interface of development and risks to disasters, with risks being further projected to increase. Exposure and vulnerability to hazards and their consequential impacts are being observed in the region. Frequent disasters are exacerbating existing impacts and creating new ones. Rapidly growing population, contemporary climate change, frequent hazards, and atmospheric warming are unprecedented in this region thus compromising the well-being of hundreds of millions of people and generating systemic risks. Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is a holistic approach to reducing the impact of disasters and promoting sustainable development. It recognizes the interlinkages between disaster risk, poverty, and sustainable development and aims to integrate disaster risk reduction into development policies, plans, and activities. The goal is to build resilience, reduce vulnerability, and promote inclusive and sustainable development.

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5th July 2023Notification of Special Session & Abstract Acceptance (In-person Participation)
30th June 2023Start of Early Registration
8th July 2023Deadline for providing information for e-VISA (In-person Participation)
15th July 2023Deadline for Special Session & Abstracts submission (Online Participation) including YSS
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25th July 2023Nomination of Keynote Lecture by the Conference Steering Committee
1st Aug 2023Announcement of Preliminary Conference Program
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27th Sep 2023Pre-conference event
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